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Charging battery pack

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How to Charge the Battery Pack on a PCG-C1?

1) Charging and extending a battery's life are detailed below:
a) Connect the AC adapter to the computer.
b) Insert the supplied battery pack.

2) The indicator lights have different states:
a) On = The computer is using battery power.
b) Flashing quickly = The battery is running out of power.
c) Flashing slowly = The battery is charging.
d) Off = The computer is using AC power.

Battery Life:
The battery pack supplied with the computer is a lithium ion battery and can be recharged at any time. Charging a partially discharged battery does not affect battery life. The battery indicator light is on while using the battery pack as a power source. When battery life is nearly over, the battery indicator starts flashing.

Charging Priority: (On certain model with two battery slots)
The battery in the main slot (left side) is charged first and then alternates with the battery in the secondary slot. When a battery reaches a level higher than the other, charging is switched to the battery with the lower charge. This alternating continues until both batteries reach 100%.
Keep the battery pack in the computer while it is directly connected to AC power. The battery pack continues to charge while the computer is being used.