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Why does the VAIO computer request for a dial-up connection when started?

    The VAIO computer requested for a dial-up connection when started.

    User may have visited a particular website and installed a program/software upon request by this site. This program/software when installed, will prompt users to dial to a service provider through making a long-distance calling. Users will then pay for all these international dial-up calls when using the program/software.

    To avoid this symptom, users are recommended not to accept any downloads or install any programs/software from any site unless certain that the software is from a trustworthy site.

    Follow the procedure for the respective Windows® environment after the steps below, to resolve this symptom.
    1. From Add/Remove Programs, uninstall the program/software.
    2. Remove any unknown dial-up connection that was not previously created or any connections that dial-up to an unknown service provider.
    3. From the Startup list, remove any unknown dial-up connection.

    - For Windows® 98/98SE/Me/XP
    4a. Click Start and click Run.
    5a. Type msconfig and click OK.
    6a. Click the Startup tab and disable the dialup connection option.

    - For Windows® 2000
    4b. Right-click My Computer and click Manage.
    5b. Double-click System Information and double-click Software Environment.
    6b. Click Startup Programs and check if any unknown dial-up connection is running in c:\winint\system32\.
    7b. Delete the file from the directory as shown.