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How to manage photos in Instant Mode?

Managing photos in Instant Mode.

    Please follow the steps below.

    1. Press AV Mode when the computer is powered off or in hibernation mode to run the Instant Mode.
    2. Insert a Memory Stick or SD card to the built-in flash card reader.
    3. Use Left and Right switch to the Photo icon, and press Enter. Switch to Photo Player Mode.
    4. Press Enter to open the directory of Memory Stick or SD Card. The icon with the up arrow can be used to go back to the parent folder. The other icon can be used to go back to root directory of the card.

    The keys:
    Play/Pause: Start/Pause slide show
    Stop: Stop slide show.
    Previous: Go to the previous image. Rewind if hold down.
    Next: Go to the next image. Fast forward if hold down.
    When in browse mode, the directional keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) can be used to select the target image or folder.

    Press context menu  will display the function menu:
    1. Rotate: Rotate the images.
    2. Speed: Change the speed of slide show. There are three options: Slow, Medium, High.
    3. Repeat All: On/off repeat all modes.
    4. General Setup: Settings of menu language, sleep timer, version, and operation guide on/off.

    For more information, please refer to the manual for the Instant Mode.