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How do I set the mail function of Outlook Express Ver.5.* ?

    How do I set the mail function of Outlook Express Ver.5.* ?
    What kinds of settings should I make to send and receive mails through the Internet with Outlook Express?

    In order to send and receive mails through the Internet with Outlook Express, you have to perform the following steps.

    * You need to have an agreement with your Internet service provider (ISP) before carrying out the following:

    A) Set the account information.
    1) Click the [Start] button and go to [Programs]->[OutlookExpress].
    2) Click the [Tools] menu and click [Accounts].
    3) The [Internet Accounts] dialog box appears. Click the [Add] button from the [Mail] tab and click [Mail].
    4) Type your name as you would like it to appear in the [Display name] box and click the [Next] button.
    * When you send an e-mail, your display name set here will appear in the [From] field of the outgoing message.
    5) Click the option button of [I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use.], type your mail address provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in [E-mail address] and click [Next].
    6) Select your incoming mail server in [My incoming mail server] (The initial setting is "POP3".), fill out [Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server] and [Outgoing mail (SMTP) server] respectively with the information provided by the Internet service provider (ISP) and click [Next].
    Note: Should there be any unclear point about the information of your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server, clarify them with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    7) Type your account name and password provided by your Internet Service Provider in each box and click [Next].
    8) Click [Finish] followed by the [Close] button to close the [Internet accounts] dialog box.

    B) Register e-mail addresses to Address Book.
    * You can send your messages by executing the procedures from the procedure 3 "Creating messages" onward without registering e-mail addresses to Address Book. But, it will be convenient and easy for you to pick up an e-mail address from Address Book if you register those e-mail addresses which you frequently use to Address Book.
    1) Click [Address Book] from the [Tools] menu in the main window of Outlook Express.
    2) Click the [New] button followed by [New Contact].
    3) Type First, Middle and Last name and input the e-mail address of your recipient in the box of [E-Mail Addresses:].
    4) Click the [Add] button followed by [OK].
    5) Click [Exit] from the [File] menu to close Address Book.

    C) Writing a message.
    1) Click the [New Mail] button in the main window of Outlook Express or [New Message] from the [Message] menu to display the [New Message] window.
    2) When you have registered the e-mail address of a recipient to Address Book, click the [To:] button or click [Select Recipients] from the [Tools] menu to display the [Select Recipients] window. Click the name registered to Address Book and click the [To:] button next click [OK] after confirming the e-mail address has appeared in [Message Recipients].
    When you have not registered the address to Address Book in the step B [Register e-mail addresses to Address Book], type the recipient's e-mail address in the [To:] box.
    3) Input an adequate title in the [Subject:] box.
    4) Type your message.
    If you want to send the message you have written, go to step D [Send messages]. If not click [Save] from the [File] menu to save the message in the [Drafts] folder.

    D) Send messages
    Click the [Send] button in the toolbar of the [New Message] window, or click [Send Message] from the [File] menu. To send the messages stored in the [Drafts] folder, open the [Drafts] folder in the main window of Outlook Express. Open the message displayed in the right-hand side window by double-clicking it and execute the same procedures as above. When you click the [Send] button, different windows will appear depending on the state of connection.

    - When the computer has been connected to the Internet (Online), the message will be sent immediately.

    - When the dialup network of the computer is disconnected, the [Dial-up Connection] window appears. Click the [Connect] button to connect the computer to the Internet and the message will be sent out.

    - When the computer is in the state of [Work offline] (when [Work Offline] in the [File] menu is checked), the message is saved temporarily in the [Outbox] folder. To sent the message follow the procedures mentioned below.

    1) Click the [Send/Recv.] button on the toolbar, or click [Send and Receive] from the [Tools] menu.
    2) When the following message "You are currently working offline. Would you like to go online now?" appears, click [Yes].
    3) When you are working in the state of the Internet connection through the dialup network connection, the [Dial-up connection] window appears. Click the [Connect] button.

    Note that, when a downloadable message exists in the incoming mail server on the Internet, it will automatically be downloaded the moment you connect the computer to the Internet.