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How to connect my computer to the docking station?

Connecting my computer to the docking station.

    A Docking Station may be supplied with your computer. Connecting the supplied or optional Docking Station to your computer enables you to use optical disc media with the computer and connect additional peripherals to the computer, such as a printer and an external display.


    To connect the docking station to your computer, follow the procedure below:

    1. Attach the docking station to the supplied vertical stand.
      Note: Do not stand the docking station upside down. Be sure to attach as illustrated below.
      Note: If you do not use the supplied vertical stand when using the docking station, you can lay down the docking station as illustrated below.
    2. Plug one end of the power cord (1) into the AC adapter and (2) the other end into and AC outlet.
    3. Plug the cable connected to the AC adapter (2) into the DC IN port (3) on the docking station (4).
      Note: Do not use the AC Adapter supplied with your computer. Be sure to use the AC adapter supplied with the docking station.