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How to migrate Infineon Security Platform User-specific keys and certificates?

Migrating Infineon Security Platform User-specific keys and certificates.

    The Infineon Security Platform Migration Wizard is used to transfer Infineon Security Platform User-specific keys and certificates from one Infineon Security Platform to another in a secured way.

    Each migration destination must be authorized by the Infineon Security Platform Owner before the export operation can be performed. This provides administrative means to keep track of the distribution of Infineon Security Platform Users, even in large scale networks.

    The migration operation must be performed by the Infineon Security Platform User and consists of the export operation on the source Infineon Security Platform and the corresponding import operation on the selected target Infineon Security Platform. A migration can never be performed for an account different from the currently logged in user. This ensures the reliability of the Infineon Security Platform from the Infineon Security Platform User's point of view.

    If the current logged in user does not have a Basic User Key or the Infineon Security Platform is disabled (permanently or temporarily), no migration operation is possible.

    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Infineon Security Platform Solution and click Manage Security Platform.
    2. Click the Migration tab.

    3. Select This is the destination platform and click Save.
    4. Save Public Key Archive file and file type is *.xml.
    5. Select This is the source platform and click Authorize.

    6. Locate Public Key Archive file and click Open.
    7. Enter Security Platform Owner Password and click OK.

    8. Click Close.

    9. On the Migration tab, click Export.
    10. Select Destination and click Next.

    11. Click Browse and save Migration Archive file. Click Next to finish.

    12. Enter Basic User Password. Click Next.

    13. Click Next to finish.

    14. On the Migration tab, select This is destination platform and click Import.
    15. Locate Migration Archive file and click Next.
    16. Enter the Basic User Password and click Next.

    17. Click Next to finish.