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Why can't I turn on the player?

    The power does not turn on.

    When the player does not turn on, it may caused by the following:

    • The HOLD switch is set to the HOLD position.
      Slide the HOLD switch to the opposite position.

      1:  button
      2: HOLD switch. If HOLD appears on the screen, slide the HOLD switch in the opposite direction of the arrow to cancel the HOLD function.
    • If you press the  button immediately after turning off your Walkman, the Walkman does not start due to the shutting down process. Wait for a few seconds, then turn on the power.
    • The remaining battery power is low or insufficient.
      Charge the battery by connecting your Walkman to a running computer. If you charge the battery and nothing changes, press the RESET button to reset the Walkman.

      1: Reset button
    • There is not enough free space in the built-in memory.
      - For details, see the capacity for files and folders on our online manual.
      - At least 20 MB of free space is necessary to function normally. If you want to check the free space, open My Computer or ComputerWALKMAN, right-click Storage Media to display the menu, and then select Properties.
      Data hierarchy may differ, depending on your computer environment.