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How to adjust the RAID configuration?

    Adjusting the RAID configuration.

    The RAID configuration is set to RAID 0 at default. However, it is possible to adjust this configuration to RAID 1 or to disable RAID on the computer. When the existing RAID configuration is removed, both hard disk drives can be used as two separate disks. However, the advantages of RAID configuration are deactivated.

    Note: Please backup all important data and create recovery discs before changing the RAID configuration of the computer. All data on the computer will be lost when the RAID configuration is changed.

    Please refer to the steps below to adjust the RAID configuration:

    1. Start the computer with the first Recovery Disc inserted.

    2. At the first screen, click the Change RAID button. The first screen provides more information about RAID.

    3. To continue the RAID configuration, click Next. An over view of the current RAID configuration on the computer is displayed.

    4. Click Next.

    In the screen that appears, user can select between different configurations for the computer's hard disk drives:
    - Create a Striped (RAID 0) volume and install the original factory software.
    - Create a Mirrored (RAID 1) volume and install the original factory software.
    - Remove the existing RAID configuration to make the drives independent and install the original factory software.

    5. Select the appropriate configuration and click Next. An overview of the current RAID configuration and the future configuration that will be applied once completing the steps in the wizard is displayed.

    6. Click Next.

    7. Click Restart to confirm the configuration and perform a hard disk recovery.