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How do I create a startup disk on Windows Me?

    How do I create a startup disk on Windows Me?
    I want to start Windows Me from the startup disk.

    The startup disk that is to be created in the following procedure is not a Recovery CD-ROM setup startup disk, but for starting of Windows Me Dos Prompt from the floppy disk in cases of emergencies.

    The following shows what the startup disk, created with the procedure below, can do (i.e. OK) and what it cannot do (i.e. NO).

    OK: To restart OS in emergencies. To execute tools such as FDISK, etc.
    NO: To execute application software and games that run on MS-DOS
    NO: To install software from the Recovery CD-ROM
    NO: To recover the system using external CD-ROM/DVD/CD-R/CD-R/RW drives of other manufacturers
    * Except drives that manufacturers specifically stated otherwise. For further details, please contact the respective manufacturers.

    # To create a startup disk of Windows Me

    1) Click [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel].
    2) Double-click on the [Add/Remove Programs] icon in [Control Panel].
    3) Click the [Startup Disk] tab on the [Add/Remove Programs Properties] dialog box.
    4) Click the [Create Disk] button.
    5) When the message prompting you to insert a floppy disk appears, insert a formatted floppy disk to the floppy disk drive. Click the [OK] button and the system starts writing data onto the floppy disk.
    * The contents of the floppy disk will be completely erased.
    6) When the startup disk is created, click [OK] to close the [Add/Remove Programs Properties] dialog box.

    # To start Window Me from the startup disk

    1) Insert the startup disk that you have created into the floppy disk drive.
    2) Turn on your VAIO computer.
    3) The contents of the floppy disk are read and the startup menu appears. Select one of the startup methods.
    4) You can now start Windows Me DOS prompt from the floppy disk.

    For more information, please refer to the following solution in the Microsoft technical support website.
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