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[Windows Vista] How to search for files using Quick Search?

[Windows Vista] How to search for files using Quick Search?

    *The factory default settings can be searched in the opened folders.

    For example, when you open C:/Windows through Explorer to launch Quick Search, search it from the folder under C:/Windows.

    * The example below illustrates the operation orders of searching files in Documents folder.
    1. Open Documents folder.
    2. Input the words to search in the Quick Search column at the right hand corner of the window.

    3. Using "sample" as an example, input in the column. 
    The results shows the files containing "sample" in the folders' name in Documents.

    If there are many related files, launch further searches according to the file name, extension name and update. For example, to show PNG files in the search results:
    1. In the search results, click ▼ of file's extension name.

    2. Check and make sure PNG pictures are displayed in the menu.
    In the search results only PNG files are shown.

    ■ How to save search results

    1. Click the Save Search button after the search results are displayed.

    2. The Save As window appears. Input any File name and click the Save button.

    The factory default settings are saved in C:\Users\Users'Name\Searches