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[Windows Vista] How to use remote assistance?

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[Windows Vista] How to use remote assistance?


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Title Connection of remote assistance

■ Remote assistance functions
• Invite someone you trust to help you (Remote user)
• Offer to help someone (helper)

• Off connection 
   End remote assistance session

• Control require 
   To operate remote PC, Helper has control require on remote user. After the Helper presses the button, the Remote user will be asked whether the Remote user allows controls from the Remote PC. After receiving control permissions, the Control require button changes into the Share stop button.

Screen adjust
   Adjust the size on the other screen which can be moved into the frame right below. 

• Setting
   When adjusting the quality settings based on the connection rate, the Remote user can press this button.

• Chat  
   Display the dialogue record with Remote user on the left side of the screen.

• Send file  
   Forward files between the Local PC and Remote PC

• Help
   Refers to remote assistance help.

• Left above bar
   Records the connection status of remote assistance’s connection has been confirmed, etc. Also displays information communicated between the Remote user and Helper.

• Left below bar
   When inputting information for the Remote User, input the information into this bar, and press the [send] button.

• Right below bar
   Displays the Remote assistance screen.The Helper operates the Remote PC in this screen.