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How to diagnose Network problems in Windows Vista?

How to diagnose Network problems in Windows Vista?

    How to operate in the Network and Sharing Center window

    You can solve network and Internet connection problems in the Network and Sharing Center of Control Panel window.
    Furthermore, you can ensure Network and Internet connection conditions and display the Network status on the screen.
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    [Windows Vista]How to ensure that Network and Internet connection conditions.

    For how to check problems on the Network, please refer to the following steps.
    1.Click the Start button and click Control Panel.

    2.After the Control Panel window displays, click Network and Internet.

    3.Click Network and Sharing Center.

    4.The Network and Sharing Center screen will display.

    When the Network cannot connect normally, a red “X” will display.
    Click the part marked by the red “X”.

    5.After the Windows Network Diagnostics screen appears, it will start to scan problems on Network.

    6.When the scan finishes, the result will be displayed.

    The following displayed picture is an example.
    According to different usage conditions, the displayed picture will be different.

    7.a.When problems are found.
     Display the found problem and methods of how to avoid this problem.
    * The following picture is an example.
       b. When no problems are found.
    The following picture will be displayed.