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[Windows Vista] How to use Snipping Tool?

[Windows Vista] How to use Snipping Tool?

    Snipping Tool can be used to capture any range on web pages, documents or any part of program. Translations can also be added to images and send via e-mail.
    * To capture the whole screen or the opened pictures, please see this FAQ - [VAIO_PC] How to copy and print screen

    Please refer to the following steps to use Snipping Tool to change images into pictures:

    ■ How to change images into pictures

    1. Display the desired pictures.
    2. Click Start  -> All Programs -> Accessories and click Snipping Tool.
    3. Click New and select a snip type from the menu. Before capturing a snip, white pall will cover the screen.
    * Please click Cancel when performing other steps.
    4. Use a mouse to write on or around the snip
    5. The captured snip will be displayed in the Snipping Tool window.
    * To add a note, please see this FAQ - How to add translations to the captured pictures.
    6. Click the Save Snip button
    7. Choose a location to save. Input a name in File name box and click the Save button.
    * To save documents, pease see this FAQ - [Windows Vista]Appoints a place to save images and documents.
    8. Click ▼ in Save as type to choose the type of file.
    The following file types can be selected:
     MHT
     PNG
     GIF
     JPEG

    ■ How to add notes to captured images.

    After confirming the status of Pen, use the mouse to input translations.

    Below are features of the read-in of note.
     Customize Pen(color and bold )
     Highlighter
     Eraser

    ■ How to send captured pictures via Email.

    1. Click ▼ of Sent Snip, and choose any item.

    2. The email software will start accordingly for the pictures to be sent.