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What about support for MS-DOS in Windows Vista

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What about support for MS-DOS in Windows Vista


Don’t support MS-DOS
Including MS-DOS, SONY does not support the use of any Operating System except the one preinstalled, and also does not guarantee operational success.
When using MS-DOS, users will take all the possible responsibilities.

Please refer to the following contents for detailed information.
•Sony does not support MS-DOS.
•Sony does not support MS-DOS in Windows Vista.
•In VAIO product packages preinstalled with Windows Vista, it does not include MS-DOS.
•SONY does not recommend the use of MS-DOS software and associated equipment. Thank you for your understanding.
•Sony does not provide a MS-DOS start disk free of charge or not.
•The Command Prompt in Windows Vista is not MS-DOS.

Henceforth, for Sony VAIO computers preinstalled with Windows Vista, there no need to provide support for questions related to MS-DOS.
Please explain to the customers that no other information can be provided except when regarding the OS as a supported object, and then stop answering questions.
VAIO computers preinstalled with Windows Vista system cannot start in MS-DOS mode.
Please do not recommend the use of MS-DOS.
When customers ask about the working conditions of MS-DOS package sales, please inform customers of the Support Policy for using Operating Systems except normal installations, and we cannot guarantee the operational success.