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How to restore a file or folder to a previous version in Windows Vista?

How to restore a file or folder to a previous version in Windows Vista?

    Please take the following steps

    You can restore files or folders in the Backup and Restore Center.
    If restoring files and folder together, you can take the following steps.
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    If erasing or changing files which are in the same folder, you can restore them by Auto-saving a Shadow copy or backup copy.
    Backup Copy:
    Use the File Backup Guide to make a backup copy of files and folders
    To auto backup files and folders, please take the following steps
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    Shadow Copy:
    An important part of the Windows restore system is automatically copying saved files and folders.
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    On how to restore to a previous version, please take the following steps.
    1.Right-click to choose the folder where there is a file you want to restore, then click Restore previous versions.
    *Here, the example is restoring the Test folder, which is in the document root folder, to a former version
    2.Click the Previous Version tab, and then click the folder version you want to restore.

    Choose the folder version, click the Open button, you can refer to the present folder’s content.
    3.Click the Restore button
    4.Confirm the contents of the folder, and then click the Restore button
    5.Click the OK button
    6.Click the OK button to close the screen