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Why is sound reproduced from only one channel when playing back a file that is first captured with DVgate and then converted to MPEG1 format?

    An image was first recorded onto a DV tape using DVgate Motion with sounds on the left and right channels. This image was then converted into MPEG1 format using DVgate Assemble. During playback with another computer, the file only reproduces sound from one of the channels.

    This symptom occurs due to the software used for playing back the tape, and not DVgate.

    The audio format of an MPEG1 file to be output with DVgate Assemble complies with the video CD standards. The software used to playback the file, however, cannot recognize it properly sometimes.
    On DVgate, the recording/playback of sound is set to Dual Channel. Some types of software can recognize only the Stereo setting but not Dual Channel.

    Please try the following remedy if this symptom occurs:

    1. Playback with the software using Sony Mpeg Audio Decoder.
    2. Convert the file again to the MPEG1 format using MovieShaker.

    In the case of other manufacturer's product, use those software that can properly recognize the Dual Channel setting.