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How to change the folder that saves music data on OpenMG Jukebox?

    How do I change the folder that saves music data on [OpenMG Jukebox]?

    The music data that had saved does not move to the new folder even when changing the location of the folder. The data that was saved is not deleted, and can still be played back on OpenMG Jukebox as per normal. Music data that saved after changing the location, however, will be stored to the new folder.

    To change the folder that saves the music data, please refer to the procedure below:
    1. Click Options from Tools menu.
    2. Click the CD Recording/Playing tab in the Options dialog box.
    3. Click the Browse under Location to save the recorded file in Settings for CD recording.
    4. In the Browse for folder dialog box, select the folder that wanted to save the data in.
    5. Click OK.