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How do I deal with the "Code Red" worm virus on Windows 2000?

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How do I deal with the "Code Red" worm virus on Windows 2000?

Code Red infects IIS (Internet Information Server).
VAIO computers are shipped from the factory without the installation of IIS. If you have installed it to your VAIO computer or plan to use it in future, we would recommend you to install the security correction module.

The security correction module is available from Microsoft, the developer of OS. For more information, please refer to the Microsoft Web page.

--What is IIS (Internet Information Server)?--
IIS indicates a group of Internet server applications (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) of Microsoft's Windows. Contents in Web page of URL that ends with ".asp" use the Active Server Pages (ASP) function of IIS.
IIS is managed in [Internet Information Service] in [Computer Management] on Windows 2000 Professional and is not installed to VAIO computers at the time of their factory shipment. If you install it using [Add/Remove Applications] and select [Start] (it starts automatically once installed), the Web server starts and it may be infected with Code Red.