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How do I capture still images from a DV camera of another manufacturer on Windows Me?

    How do I capture still images from a DV camera of another manufacturer on Windows Me?

    Sony is not in a position to guarantee the normal operation of peripherals connected to VAIO computers except those which Sony has checked their operation.
    Regarding the inquiries like "the VAIO computer does not recognize his/her DV camera of other manufacturer", please contact the camera manufacturer.
    For the scanners and cameras that WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) supports, please refer to the relevant solution at the following Microsoft Support Web page:

    For other devices, please contact the manufacturer of the peripheral.

    For the DV equipment usable with the applications installed to VAIO computers, please refer to the following relevant solution.
    Are DV devices guaranteed to work normally with [DVgate Motion] and [DVgate Still] which are pre-installed to VAIO computers?

    It is possible to capture still images from a DV camera of another manufacturer using WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) on Windows Me. Please refer to the following procedure.

    1) Turn on the DV camera and set it to the video mode.

    2) Connect the DV camera to your VAIO computer with the i.LINK cable.

    3) Click [Start], point to [Settings], and then click [Control Panel].

    4) Double-click the [Scanners and Cameras] icon on the [Control Panel] window. If the [Scanners and Cameras] icon does not appear, click [View all Control Panel Options].

    5) Check that the icon of the connected DV camera appears on the [Scanners and Cameras] window.
    * The icon may vary depending on the connected device.

    6) Close the [Scanners and Cameras] window.

    7) Click [Start], point to [Programs], [Accessories], and then click [Scanner and Camera Wizard]. The [Scanners and Cameras] dialog box appears.

    8) Click [Explorer camera (Advance)]. The window of the connected DV camera appears.

    9) Playback still images using the DV camera. When the image played back by the DV camera appears on the upper right portion of the window, click [Take Picture] on the left side of the window of a given picture.

    10) Click [Save All Pictures].

    11) When the [Scanner and Camera Wizard] dialog box appears again, click the [Next] button.

    12) The [Picture Selection] dialog box appears. When the still images saved to the DV tape appear, select a still image that you want to capture to your VAIO computer and click the [Next] button.

    13) The [Picture Destination] dialog box appears. Select a name and folder you like in the [Save pictures using this name] list box and the [Save pictures in this folder] list box and and click the [Finish] button.
    * To delete the still image saved to your VAIO computer, select the [Delete pictures form camera after saving them to your computer] check box.

    For more details, you may refer to Help of Windows Me.

    --Additional Info--
    - Images are all saved in the JPEG format.
    - Clicking [Advanced Setting] in step (13) allows you to determine whether or not to save the picture to a sub-folder in the [Advance Settings] dialog box.

    Advanced Settings allows you to
    - Put pictures in a sub folder using
    -- Today's date (2001-08-27)
    -- Specified picture name
    - Close the Wizard after copying pictures.

    * The above descriptions appear in the default settings.

    - WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) of Windows Me also enables you to use peripherals other than the DV camera in principle.
    - In addition, "Windows Movie Maker" allows you to capture still images from a DV camera as well. For further details, please refer to Help of "Windows Movie Maker".