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How to create a music CD with SonicStage?

    How to create a music CD with SonicStage?

    Note: If user is not a copyright holder of the song or has not obtained copying approval
    from the copyright holder, the act of copying the song infringes the copyright law and user may be liable for compensation for damage. If in doubt about copyrights, please consult a legal party.

    * Copying of WMT song with copyright information or songs downloaded through the EMD services is not allowed.
    * Adding of songs to the created music CD is not allowed.
    * Do not turn off the Insertion Auto Notification option of the CD-RW or CD-R drive on the System Properties of Windows.
    * Do not launch any software during the writing of the music CD to the CD-R/RW media (including memory-resident programs such as a screensaver).
    * Do not press any key on the keyboard during the writing of the music CD to the CD-R/RW media.
    * Do not use the CD-R/RW medium to which a label is attached. (This may cause writing errors and malfunctions.)
    * Do not connect both the harddisk drive and the CD-RW drive (or CD-R drive) to the same IDE connector.
    * Do not perform any other operations that may apply load to CPU and the harddisk drive of the computer.

    To create a music CD, please follow the steps below.
    1. Start SonicStage.

    2. Insert a music CD and click the CD tab.

    3. Click Create Audio CDs

    4. From the Select CD type pull-down menu, select Backing Up Audio CDs and select an option from Retrieve from: and Write to:.

    5. Click Start and select an option from Writing Method and Writing Speed.

    6. Click Start Writingand the process begins.

    7. Once the reading is completed, remove the music CD and insert a blank CD-R/RW media into the CD-R/RW drive when prompted.

    8. Click OK to start the writing.
    When the writing is completed, the Succeeded in writing data. message appears, and the disk tray ejects automatically.

    9. Remove the CD-R/RW media and click OK. When the Create Audio CDs dialog box appears again, click Close.