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How to back up data when the Operating System does not start?

    Backing up of data when:
    1. Operating System does not start.
    2. Operating System works only in the DOS Command Prompt mode.

    The steps below do not guarantee that all data will be backed up.
    Backing up of data should be done at user's responsibility.
    The data on the drive of the NTFS system cannot be backed up with the steps below.

    A. When the system cannot start from the hard disk but is able to start using the recovery CD
    Note: This method saves files from the hard disk to the floppy disk using the COPY command.

    1. Interrupt the startup from the Recovery CD by pressing the Shift key when the recovery setup menu appears on the screen. A:/ will appear on the screen awaiting for input.
    2. Back up the necessary files using the COPY command.
    3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the system.
    4. Reinstall the system with the Recovery CD.

    If hard disk is partitioned into two:
    1. 0-byte files cannot be copied.
    2. Files exceeding the capacity of a floppy disk cannot be copied.

    B. When the system is able to start from the hard disk
    1. Press Ctrl as soon as Starting Windows statement appears (in the case of Windows® 98).
    * For Windows® 95, press F8.
    2. When the Windows StartUp menu appears, select Command Prompt Only and press Enter.
    3. When C:\ appears on the screen, type DOSIME and press Enter.
    4. Back up the necessary files using the COPY command.