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What should the user do when the message Virus Alert Information: Frethem virus appears?

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The Virus Alert Information: Frethem virus message appears.
These are mass-mailer worms that would infect the computer system by simply opening or previewing the infected email. This mass-mailing worm gathers email addresses from Microsoft® Windows® Address Book (WAB) and in files with extension .DBX, .MBX, .EML, and .MDB. The worm will uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the recipients found.

The email message arrives with the following characteristics:
Subject: Re: Your Password!

You can access
very important
information by
this password

password to disk
use your mind

now press


For more information and countermeasures, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft®'s technical support website.
Article ID: Q326353
Last Reviewed: July 22, 2002
Title: Virus Alert About the "Frethem" Virus.

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