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What are the commands that are supported by Recovery Console?

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List of commands that are supported by Recovery Console.

The following commands can be executed from Recovery Console.

attrib: It changes the attributes of files and directories.

batch: It executes the commands specified by text files.

bootcfg: It executes the configurations and recovery of boot files boot.ini.

cd: It displays the current directory name or changes the current directory.

chkdsk: It checks disks and displays the status reports.

cls: It clears the window.

copy: It copies a file to another location.

Del: It deletes multiple files.

dir: It lists the files and sub-directories in a directory.

disable: It disables system services and device drivers.

diskpart: It manages the partitions of hard disk drives.

enable: It starts or enables system services or device drivers.

exit: It exits the recovery console and restarts the computer.

expand: It expands compressed files.

fixboot: It writes a new partition boot sector to the specified partition.

fixmbr: It fixes the master boot record on the specified hard disk drive.

format: It formats disks.

help: It lists the commands usable with the recovery console.

listsvc: It lists the services and drivers usable with the computer.

logon: It logs on to Windows installation.

map: It displays the mapping of drive letters.

md: It creates directories.

more: It displays text files.

net use: It connects network sharing to drive letters.

net send: It sends message through networks.

ren: It renames a file.

rd: It deletes directories.

set: It displays and configures environmental variables.

systemroot: It sets the systemroot directory currently logged on to the current directory.

type: It displays text files.

For information on the recovery console of Windows XP, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft's technical support website.
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