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What to do if an error message appears when browsing a Web page registered to Favorites?

    Err Msg: Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies.

    The following message appears sometimes even though the Web browser has been set to accept cookies.
    Msg: You may not experience this problem when you browse to other Web sites.

    To resolve the symptom, please follow the steps below to delete the Web page that caused this symptom and register it again to Favorites.

    1. Start Internet Explorer.
    2. Click the Favorites tab and then click Organize Favorites.
    3. Right-click the Web page which caused the symptom from Favorites list.
    4. Click Delete and click Yes.
    5. Click Close and restart Internet Explorer.
    6. Go to the same Web page, click the Favorites tab and then click Add to Favorites.
    7. Click OK.

    For more information, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft's technical support website.
    Article ID: 317689
    Last Modified: Sep 30, 2002
    Title: Error Message: your Browser Is Not Currently Set to Accept Cookies