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How to change the names of multiple files?

    Changing the names of multiple files.

    Please refer to the steps below to change the names of multiple files:

    1. Start Windows Explorer.
    2. Select the multiple files in the folder to be changed.
    To select multiple files, click those files while holding the Ctrl key.
    3. After the selection is done, press F2.
    4. Enter a given file name.
    5. Press Enter.

    When the names of multiple files have been changed, all the files will bear the same name with the new name in a parenthesis and a number for identification.
    When user enters Sample as a new name, the first file is named as Sample. The remaining selected files will bear the names Sample 1, Sample 2 and so on.

    For more details, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft's technical support website.

    Article ID: 320167
    Last Modified: October 26, 2002
    Title: [HOWTO] Rename Multiple Files in Windows XP with Windows Explorer.