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Frequently Asked Questions for PS-LX310BT



    Supplied Items/Replacement Parts/Repair



    Can the unit play back 78 rpm records?

    The unit only supports 33 rpm and 45 rpm records.


    What computer operating systems are compatible with the unit via USB cable?

    Check the following

    For Windows:
    Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
    (32/64 bit)
    (The latest service pack is required.)

    For Mac:

    • Mac OS X 10.9 - 10.11
    • macOS 10.12 - 10.14

    Any operating systems other than the listed ones are not supported.
    The standard driver software of Windows and Mac is supported. No installation of the dedicated driver software is needed.


    • Even with the operational environment described above, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be compatible with all computers.
    • If you have any of the following operational environments, there is a possibility the recording application will not operate normally.
      • Homemade computer
      • Computer with a user-upgraded operating system
      • Multi-boot computer
      • With the power-saving features of the computer:
        System Suspend or Sleep (Standby)


    Is there any recording software for computers dedicated to PS-LX310BT?

    We do not offer recording software for computers dedicated to this unit. Have your own separate recording software ready.
    While it is not included under Sony's support service, the Audacity software can be used.

    To download Audacity, visit the following URL.


    Can audio tracks be played back by connecting the unit and a computer via USB cable?

    Track playback on the computer is possible while the track is being recorded on the unit.


    Sound on my vinyl records are not being output from my computer during recording.

    When the recorded sound on the computer is output but no sound is output during recording, enable the setting (Software playthrough of input) of your recording software to send the input directly to the playback device.
    Depending on the recording software you use, this setting is not available and the procedure to enable the setting varies.


    Can tracks on a vinyl record be recorded to a computer as high-resolution audio using this unit?

    No, this unit cannot record sound to a computer as high-resolution audio.


    The platter does not turn.

    Check the following.

    1. Make sure the ON / STANDBY button on the back of your turntable is set to ON.
    2. Make sure that the AC adaptor is firmly connected to a power outlet and the DC IN 12V jack on the turntable.
    3. Make sure that the drive belt is completely hooked around the motor pulley.
      NOTE: If the drive belt is not hooked, or it is hooked on another place, the platter will not turn.

    4. Make sure the drive belt is not twisted. With the mat for the platter removed, turn the platter slowly by hand and make sure the belt is not twisted.
    5. If the issue has not been resolved, set the operating mechanism of the platter and tone arm to the initial state. Platter rotation and tone arm operation can be stabilized.
      1. If the tone arm is fixed with a string, remove the string.
      2. Raise the tone arm by pressing the UP/DOWN button.
      3. Slowly Turn the platter 10 times clockwise by hand.
      4. Down the tone arm by pressing the UP/DOWN button. 



    Does this unit support BLUETOOTH connection using AAC and LDAC?

    These are not supported. This unit supports BLUETOOTH connection using SBC (Subband Codec) or QualcommR aptX audio.


    The unit isn't pairing with the playback device.

    If there are playback devices, which support BLUETOOTH wireless technology nearby, that have the BLUETOOTH function enabled, but some of them are not the device with which you want to pair, disable their BLUETOOTH function and try pairing again.


    The unit gets paired with an unintended playback device.

    With the pairing operation, the device with which you do not want to pair may be turned on and connected to the unit automatically. If this issue occurs, change the device's setting not to turn on by the BLUETOOTH connection, turn off the device, and try pairing again.


    Can the unit be paired with smartphones, TVs, or computers?

    You cannot pair your unit with smartphones, TVs, or computers.

    The unit can use the BLUETOOTH function to send data to playback devices that support BLUETOOTH wireless technology; however, because the unit cannot receive data from smartphones, TVs, or computers, the unit cannot pair with them.


    The BLUETOOTH wireless communication range is short.

    Try the following.

    • If there are other electronic devices connected to your unit and the playback device, disconnect them.
    • Connect the unit to a power outlet to which a microwave is not connected.
    • Place the unit on a table not made of metal.


    The volume cannot be adjusted when the unit is connected to the wireless speaker or headphones via Bluetooth function.

    This issue may occur if you are using speakers or headphones that fall under the following conditions.

    • When using speakers or headphones that do not have buttons/keys to adjust the volume
    • When the speakers or headphones have buttons/keys to adjust the volume, but if these devices do not have functions that control the volume.

    NOTE: You can adjust the volume on the speakers or headphones since Sony speakers or headphones equipped with buttons and touch sensors have functions that control the volume.

    Sometimes sound is not played or abnormal noises occur on the playback device connected to this unit via BLUETOOTH function.

    Try the following.

    1. Press the BLUETOOTH/PAIRING button on your unit to deactivate its BLUETOOTH connection with the playback device.
    2. Press the BLUETOOTH/PAIRING button on your unit to reactivate its BLUETOOTH connection to the playback device.

    To avoid these issues, follow the steps below when connecting your unit to the playback device.

    1. Turn on the playback device to set it to BLUETOOTH standby mode in advance.
    2. Press the BLUETOOTH/PAIRING button on your unit to connect it to the playback device via BLUETOOTH function.

    Supplied Items/Replacement Parts/Repair


    The 45 rpm adaptor and dust cover hinge accessories have not been included.

    The 45 rpm adaptor and dust cover hinges are attached to a side surface of your turntable's packaging material.


    Can styluses other than ones exclusively designed for this unit be used?

    Use a stylus that is exclusively designed for this unit. Other styluses are not supported. To obtain a spare stylus, contact your dealer or the customer support website.


    Can I replace the cartridge with the one that is not the same type as the originally installed?

    This unit is tuned according to the originally installed cartridge. Replacing with other types of cartridges is not supported.


    When removing the stylus protective cover, the stylus is unintentionally removed.

    When attaching or removing the stylus protective cover, slide it horizontally (illustrated below).

    If you pull the stylus protective cover vertically, the protective cover and the stylus will be removed together. If you have done this unintentionally, follow the steps below to reattach the protective cover and stylus. 
    NOTE: For additional details, refer to the product manual: Maintenance > Replacing the Stylus >To attach the stylus.

    1. Attach the stylus protective cover to the spare stylus.
    2. Hold the cartridge body with one hand and then insert the tab on the spare stylus into the receptacle on the cartridge body.


    What are the precautions when sending the unit for repair, etc.?

    Sending the unit in an assembled state may cause breakages or malfunctions. Disassemble the parts and pack them securely when you send the unit.

    1. Put the stylus protective cover on the stylus.
      NOTE: If you do not have the stylus protective cover, pack the stylus carefully so that it does not bump up against other objects while transporting.
    2. Remove the Mat for the platter and the platter (turntable). Put the drive belt on the rear side of the platter.
      NOTE: For details, refer to "Assembling the Turntable" on the supplied manual.
    3. To prevent the tone arm from detaching from the tone arm rest during transport, pass a soft string, etc. through the hole under tone arm rest to fasten the tone arm to the tone arm rest.
    4. Pack the items carefully so that they do not bump up against each other while transporting.
      NOTE: We recommend retaining the packing materials that came with the turntable and using that packaging whenever transporting.