Tell me how and where I can sign up for or change a storage plan.

    In some countries or regions, you can change your plan and for an additional fee increase your storage capacity.

    • Creators' Cloud Web: Below the cloud storage usage data in the lower left on the (Home screen), select (Information).
    • Creators' App: Select [Storage] from (User Information) in the upper right of the (Home screen).
    • Master Cut: Select [Storage] from (Menu ) in the upper right of the screen.

    After this, your current subscription and usage are displayed. To sign up for your preferred plan, select [Contract] at the bottom.

    • Increasing storage capacity is only possible for users residing in countries or regions where [Contract] is displayed.
    • [Upload capacity] [Download capacity] stands for the total data capacity that can be uploaded to the cloud (or downloaded from the cloud) over a period of one month. The amount will be reset to zero at the start of each month.
    • Available services vary by country or region.
    Creators' Cloud usage screen. "Contract" at the bottom is highlighted.