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    I am using a camera that Creators' App does not support. How can I upload images to the cloud?

    You can upload images to the cloud from an unsupported camera using the following procedure.

    • Cloud functionality may not be supported in your country or region.
    1. Install both Imaging Edge Mobile and Creators' App on your smartphone.
    2. Import the images you have shot to Imaging Edge Mobile.
    3. Launch Creators' App, select the name of the folder on the (Storage) screen, and then select [Imaging Edge Mobile] on the screen that appears.
      The app's Storage screen. The folder name at the upper left of the screen and the option "Storage" at the bottom of the screen are highlighted.
    4. Select [Select] to proceed to the Selection screen.
    5. Add checkmarks to the images you want to upload and select (Upload) to upload the images.