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    Master Cut (Beta)

    Cloud service for fast, high-precision video correction utilizing camera metadata and cloud AI

    This site describes how to use Master Cut (Beta), a cloud service for impressive and efficient video pre-editing.
    Master Cut (Beta) enables Image stabilization, Color correction, and noise removal for uploaded clips, and in a single step, you can normalize uneven volume of clips shot in various locations.
    By using proxy movies with relatively smaller file sizes, you can avoid long uploads. Your corrections are applied to the original movies to export high-quality video.
    After efficient initial editing, your work is ready to transfer to non-linear editing software for finishing touches.

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    Master Cut (Beta)

    Operating environment


    • OS: Windows 10, 11
    • Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge


    • OS: macOS 13, 14
    • Browser: Google Chrome, Safari


    • Android 13, 14
      Browser: Google Chrome
    • iPadOS 16, 17
      Browser: Safari
    • We recommend using a computer or tablet (in landscape orientation) for this service. Operation on smartphones is not ensured.

    Supported cameras

    • ILCE-1, ILCE-9M3, ILCE-7SM3, ILCE-7RM5, ILCE-7CR, ILCE-7CM2, ILCE-7C, ILCE-7M4, ILCE-6700
    • ZV-E1, ZV-E10, ZV-1F, ZV-1M2, ZV-1
    • DSC-RX100M7, DSC-RX0M2
    • ILME-FX3, ILME-FX30
    • ILX-LR1

    Supported files

    • File Extension: mp4, mov
    • Format: XAVC S, XAVC S-I, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, mp4, mov, H.265, HEVC, XAVC-HS​
    • Frame size: 3840×2160, 2160×3840, 1920×1080, 1080×1920, 1280×720, 720×1280
    • Frame rate: 59.94p, 29.97p, 50p, 25p, 23.98p (variable frame rate)
    • Video codec:
      • XAVC S (XAVC S equivalent) , S-I, HEVC, XAVC-HS
      • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC: AVC, 8 bit, 10 bit, 4:2:0/4:2:2
      • H.265/MPEG-4 AVC: 8 bit, 10 bit, 4:2:0/4:2:2
    • Audio codec:
      • XAVC S (XAVC S equivalent)
      • LPCM 2ch (48kHz/16bit), H264/MPEG-4 AAC-LC 2ch

    Exported files

    • File Extension: mp4
    • Format: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, mp4
    • Frame size: Corresponds to the input resolution. If metadata indicates 90° or 270° rotation, the vertical and horizontal resolution are switched to match the rotation.
    • Frame rate: For 59.94p, 29.97p, 50p, 25p, or 23.98p, corresponds to the input value. In other cases, fixed at 59.94p.
    • Bit rate: About the same as the input level. Bit rates may be lower, depending on the video.
    • Video codec: AVC, XAVC-SFor videos from Sony cameras, color difference and bit depth correspond to the input values.
    • Audio codec: 2 channels, 16 bit Corresponds to the input values.

    Other specifications

    • Maximum length per file: 30 minutes
    • Maximum size per file: 25 GB
    • Maximum projects: 50
    • Maximum clips per project: 300 clips
    • Maximum clips for correction: 250 clips
    • Maximum total length for correction/output at one time: 90 minutes
    • Master Cut (Beta) capacity: 10,000 files
    • Color correction is only available for video recorded in the Rec. 709 color space.
    • Master Cut (Beta) storage is included in the storage provided by Creators' Cloud.
      For capacity details, check the usage information in the lower left of the file management screen. Managing files


    Released Master Cut (Beta) ver.2024.1.0.
    • Improved performance through cloud-based pre-analysis for image stabilization and lens breathing compensation
    • Added support for high-precision display of crop frame when adjusting trim rate with image stabilization
    • Added support for rearranging clips in the clip editing area
    Released Master Cut (Beta) ver.2023.3.1.
    Released Master Cut (Beta) ver.2023.3.0.
    • Lens Breathing compensation support
    • Added music separation to Audio Correction
    • Batch processing for output/download
    • Individual clip output, and output file renaming support
    • Other usability improvements
    Released Master Cut (Beta) ver.2023.2.1
    • Added a sample video to show the effect of image stabilization
    • Added a tutorial on using proxy movies to reduce upload times
    Released Master Cut (Beta) ver.2023.2.0
    • S-log support.
    • Support for high-speed workflow using proxy video.
    • Brightness and color correction support.
    • Crop frame display for image stabilization.
    • Added settings for changing grouping criteria and number of groups for Automatic grouping feature.
    • Tablet browser support.
    • Shortcut key support.
    • Other usability improvements.
    Released Master Cut (Beta)