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Locate the SSID and Wi-Fi Password of my Action Cam

    Where is the ID and password for my camera to connect Wi-Fi?

    The SSID/password can be found on the bundled operating guide or the sticker attached to the battery cover of the camera.
    If the sticker is lost, connect the camera to a computer to check the SSID/password.

    How to check the ID/password

    1. Connect the camera to a computer with the micro USB cable (supplied).
    2. Turn on the power.
    3. Open the text file saved on the camera.
      • For Windows OS:
        1. Click the Start button, and then click Computer.

        2. In the Computer window, click PMHOME, and then click the INFO folder.
        3. Open the WIFI_INF.TXT file.
      • For Mac OS:
        1. Click Finder and then click Devices.
        2. Under Devices, click PMHOME, and then click the INFO folder.
        3. Open the WIFI_INF.TXT file.
    4. You will now see the SSID and Password.

    Note: For how to set up and operate, refer to the How to use section of the Imaging Edge Mobile website.