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Notice to Owners of Sony Digital Still Camera, Camcorder, CLIÉ Handheld Computer and Professional Camcorder (DVCAM format) [Updated on 9 November 2010]


    [Updated on 9 November 2010]
    Termination date of Free CCD Repair for DSCT1, T11, M1, F88, U40, U50, F717 will end as of 30/11/2010.

    Termination date of Free Repair for DSCT3, T33 will end as of 31/05/2011.

    Thank you for your support and patronage of Sony products.

    It has recently come to our attention that a limited number of Sony products that incorporate an image sensor device, or CCD, manufactured from October 2002 through March 2004 may exhibit the following condition:

    When the product is used in camera mode, the LCD panel and/or electronic viewfinder exhibits either a distorted image or no image.

    We have determined that this condition only occurs to a limited number of units, but may be accelerated if the units are exposed to high temperature and humid environment.

    In our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, Sony will offer free out-of-warranty repair to the owners of applicable products where the CCD is found to be faulty. Please be advised that, should your camera require repair for reasons not related to the failure of a CCD, the Service Centre may charge an estimate fee prior to commencing work on your product.

    For further information including the applicable products, please click on the following links to the respective product categories:

    Customers who have previously paid for service for CCD replacement (for issue as outlined above), may contact our customer contact centre for further information:

    Sony Australia Customer Contact Centre:
    1300 13 7669
    Hours: Monday to Friday - 8am to 8pm (EST)
    Thank you for your understanding of this situation.