Approx. 25g
Maximum Power Output (16 ohms/mW)
5 + 5 mW
Supplied Accessories
Headphones, CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide
Dimensions (W x H x D)
24.8 × 79.0 × 13.6mm
Memory (Available capacity may vary)
2 GB
Recharge Time
Approx. 1 hr
Power Source
Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Input / Output Terminals
Headphones / USB
1-line Organic EL
Recharging Method
Searching Methods
All Song / Artist / Album
Continuous Playback Time
Approx. 28 hrs
Sound Settings
5-band Equalizer
Play Mode
Normal / Folder / All Repeat / Folder Repeat / 1 Song Repeat / All Song Shuffle Repeat /Folder Shuffle Repeat / Sports Timer
ATRAC3plus Audio
Bit rate: 48/64/96/128/160/192/256/320/352 kbps, Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz
MP3 Audio
Bit rate: 32 to 320kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 32, 44.1, 48kHz
WMA Audio
Bit rate: 32 to 192kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz
ATRAC3 Audio
Bit rate: 66/105/132 kbps, Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz