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The Walkman does not turn on.

For Walkman A30/A40/A50/WM1/ZX300 series

    Connect the Walkman to a computer or AC adaptor and charge it for about 10 minutes. If the issue persists, restart the Walkman.

    Image indicating charge lamp (A) and USB cable (B)

    1. Charge lamp
    2. USB cable

    NOTE: The charge lamp lights up in red soon after the Walkman is connected to a computer or AC adaptor, but the Walkman screen may not turn on if the battery level is insufficient.
    If you wait for about 10 minutes with the Walkman connected to the power source, the Walkman will turn on and enter the standby mode automatically.

    If the Walkman does not turn on even 10 to 20 minutes after the charge lamp lights up in red, restart the Walkman with the following procedure:
    Hold down the  (power) button for 8 seconds until the Walkman restarts.
    NOTE: The procedure may differ depending on the model. For details, refer to the Help Guide of your Walkman.