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Benefits and Improvements

  • Adds support for Movie file names in the Camera ID + Reel# format
  • Adds a function that displays De-squeeze (2.0x, 1.3x) in the viewfinder and HDMI output
  • Adds more AF frame rates during Slow & Quick Motion
  • Adds support for Flexible ISO and Cine EI Quick in shooting mode:
    • Allows you to record S-Log3 content with exposure settings by adjusting the ISO sensitivity
    • Allows you to record at a base ISO setting the same as Cine EI, with the base ISO adjusted automatically in conjunction with EI value
  • When the shooting mode is set to Flexible ISO, Cine EI, or Cine EI Quick, adds support for recording a 3D LUT file to the same memory card with the base look used during shooting as the shooting data, at the same time

Note: Refer to the Help Guide for additional details on all updated functions.

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  • 4.00

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  • 17-08-2023


This document describes how to update the ILME-FX6 system software. The version update data is first saved to an SDXC type SD card or CFexpress Type A memory card, then is updated using the MENU.

  • The CFexpress Type A memory is referred to as a CFexpress card in this document.
  • For details about MENU operation, refer to the Operating Instructions.

Checking the Existing Version

Operating Systems

Select VersionVersion Number in the Maintenance menu to display the version of the ILME-FX6.

Notes About Upgrading

  • Always connect a supplied AC adaptor when updating. If a battery pack is attached at the same time, the update will continue if the AC adaptor is subsequently disconnected.
  • Disconnect connected devices (such as USB devices, SDI, HDMI, microphone, and shoe accessories) and eject any media that is not used in updating.
  • When using an SD card, make sure it is an SDXC or CFexpress memory card. For details about supported SDXC cards or CFexpress cards, refer to the Operating Instructions.
  • Use an SDXC or CFexpress card that has been formatted in the memory card slot using the formatting function of the unit. For details about the formatting function, refer to the Operating Instructions.

Saving Version Update Data to an SDXC card or CFexpress card

  1. Insert the formatted SDXC or CFexpress card into a computer.
  2. Download the version update data from the download site, and save the data on your computer.
  3. Save the data in the root directory of the SDXC card or CFexpress card.

Note: Do not change the file name.

Updating the System Software Version

Note: Do not perform any of the following operations while updating the system software. The version update will not be completed and could cause the unit to malfunction.

  • Do not remove the SDXC or CFexpress card
  • Do not turn the unit off

For details about the operation of the unit, refer to the Operating Instructions.

  1. Insert the SDXC or CFexpress card on which the version update data was saved, into slot B of the unit.
    Note: Only slot B recognizes the version update data.
  2. Select Version Version Up in the Maintenance menu, and select Execute.
    Note: A Please use the AC Adapter message will appear. If the version update data cannot be determined, Version Up cannot be selected.
  3. Select Execute on the version update confirmation screen.
    Note: A Version Update VX.XXVY.YY message appears (X.XX: existing version number, Y.YY: latest version number).
  4. Select Execute on the version update confirmation screen again. The version update starts. When the version update starts, the access indicator flashes. The process takes approximately 8 minutes (the time will vary depending on the combination of the old and new updated versions). When the version update is completed successfully, the access indicator stops flashing and the unit restarts automatically.
    Note: If a black screen is displayed for 15 minutes or longer, set the unit power switch to the OFF position, unplug and then re-insert the power cord, and set the power switch to the ON position. Check the version update procedure, and then perform the update procedure again from step 1. If the version update problem persists and the update is not successful, there may be a problem with the unit. Contact a Sony service representative.
  5. Check that the version has been updated (see Checking the Existing Version). If the system software has not been updated to the latest version, check the version update procedure, and then perform the update procedure again from step 1.