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How to start Android Auto™

    Prepare the phone and car audio.

    The minimum requirements to run Android Auto™ on the car display:

    • An Android phone running Android 6.0 or later, with an active data plan.
    • A USB standard compliant cable.
    • For wireless connection, a compatible Android mobile device with an active data plan.

    You can check which mobile devices are compatible at Get started with Android Auto

    Connecting an Android™ device.

    (1) In case of using with USB connection

    Connect the phone with a USB cable.
    Once the connection is complete, see (3) Start Android Auto.
    Connect your phone with a USB cable

    (2) In case of using with wireless connection

    1. Tap on the Devices icon in the app list on the Home screen to display the Device Connection screen.
      “Devices” icon on the Home Screen
    2. Tap on the Add New Device button
      “Add New device” button on Device Connection screen
    3. Follow the on-screen guide to connect your Android smartphone to the car audio device via Bluetooth. The procedure for connecting via Bluetooth varies depending on the smartphone model.
      Connect the car audio and smartphone via Bluetooth
    4. Once the pairing between your smartphone and the car audio device is complete, the confirmation screen shown below will appear. Tap the Start button and Android Auto will be launched automatically.
      Complete the wireless setup

    (3) Start Android Auto

    Download the Android Auto app or update to the latest version of the app, if prompted.

    Set up Android Auto.

    The initial set up process must be completed on the phone:
    See the prompts on the phone to learn safety information, accept the privacy policy, and grant the permissions required by Android Auto.
    Launch Android Auto
    It's highly recommended you enable Wi-Fi and Location Services on the smartphone during setup.
    Enable Wi-Fi and Location Services

    Start using Android Auto.

    Android Auto will start automatically when the car audio is connected to your smartphone via a USB cable or wirelessly. If it does not start, tap the Android Auto icon that appears on the home screen.
    Android Auto Launcher

    After that, you will be able to use Android Auto.
    Using Android Auto

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