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Important notice to VGNA59GP owners regarding USB Tuner Usage


    Congratulations on choosing, or considering, the VAIO VGNA59GP.

    Customers who purchase an A59 VAIO through Sony Australia may find an HDTV TV tuner bundled free of charge. The tuner is manufactured by DVico and is designed to allow the viewing of programs broadcast through Australia’s free-to-air digital service on your PC.

    The DVico Fusion Tuner is designed to operate through a high speed, high-power USB port on the notebook. Several of these are incorporated on the A59 VAIO. When operated in an area with good signal strength and connected via one of the on-board ports you should receive a good picture.

    If you attempt to connect DVico Fusion Tuner through a USB hub or the A59 docking station you may encounter difficulty. If you wish to operate in this configuration please contact Lako Pacific, on 1800-657-601 quoting your serial number and date of purchase. They will ship you an AC adaptor and special USB cable free of charge.