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[VIDEO] HT-A7000 / HT-A5000 / HT-S350 / HT-Z9F | How to pair to your TV via Bluetooth

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    Did you know, you can connect your Sony Sound Bar to the TV via Bluetooth? Here are the steps to guide you on how to do it.


    1. Different TVs may vary, and you should check with the TV manufacturer for steps on setting up Bluetooth pairing on the TV.
    2. To establish a Bluetooth connection with your Sony TV, it needs to be checked for bluetooth compatibility.
    3. You'll need to activate sound bar Bluetooth pairing (it's not automatically detectable). The exact procedure is described in your sound bar manual.

    This video tutorial is applicable for HT-A7000 / HT-A5000 / HT-S350 / HT-Z9F.

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