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Using Netflix features.

    Netflix features discussed in this article:

    Parental control
    Programming questions
    Internet speed requirements
    Netflix categories
    Instant Queue
    Aspect ratio

    This article is designed to provide information regarding the usage of some of the popular Netflix features.
    NOTE: Visit the Netflix website for additional information regarding Netflix Features on Sony Devices.


    How to turn the Closed Captioning or Subtitles on or off when viewing Internet videos?

    The availability of subtitles when watching Netflix Internet videos depends on the version of Netflix app ported to your device. View this article for step by step information regarding how to turn the Closed Captioning or Subtitles on or off when viewing Internet videos from Netflix.

    What are Netflix user profiles and how do I use them?

    Profiles allow each user to have their own, personalized Netflix experience, built around the movies and TV shows they enjoy. Visit the Netflix Help Center website for addional information regarding user profiles and how to use them .

    How to set Parental Control for Netflix movies?

    Setting and using parental controls will be different depending on the version of the Netflix app used by your Netflix device. View this article for images and instructions regarding how to use the  Netflix video content parental control ?

    The Internet TV channels show outdated programming.
    The channel line up and available stations found on a device may randomly change. The change is based on the decisions of the app provider. While stations like the Netflix app are updated frequently, others may take more time to update. To make sure that the latest programming is available, make sure that the latest system software (firmware) update has been downloaded and then perform a refresh of the Internet stations.

    What are the Netflix Internet speed recommendations?

    The quality of the video when playing a video using the Netflix app is dependent on the Internet connection in your home. View this additional information for Netflix Internet speed recommendations including playing videos in HD or 4K Ultra HD.

    What is required to stream 3D video when using the Netflix app?

    View this answer for information regarding the requirments to stream 3D video using the Netflix app.

    Why is it that the Netflix interface and the Netflix categories not the same as what I see on a computer?

    A Netflix app is specifically designed for each product. For this reason, the Netflix interface and available categories may be different among various devices and computers. This is normal.

    The following is a list of some of the categories that you may have:

    • Instant Queue
    • My List
    • Top 10
    • Recently Watched
    • Top Picks
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Horror
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    • Action & Adventure
    • Children & Family

    NOTE: The Netflix app cannot be manually configured or changed. Any changes to the app are made automatically by Netflix or the device manufacturer.

    How to add movies to the Instant Queue on the Netflix channel.

    Follow the these steps to add movies so that they appear on the Instant Queue  on the Netflix channel of your Internet video device.

    Can I stream Netflix in Ultra HD 4K?
    Visit the Netflix web site for up-to date information regarding what is needed to stream Ultra 4K HD.

    Can the aspect ratio of the TV be changed while watching a Netflix video?

    View this article for information about changing the aspect ratio of the TV while watching Netflix video.