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How to switch from Screen mirroring to Playback via home network?

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the smartphone and the TV are turned on and connected to the same home network.

    On your Xperia smartphone, go into the Device List for the Throw feature and select BRAVIA TV. If BRAVIA TV is not showing in the Device List, follow the steps below.

    1. On the smartphone, select Settings.
    2. Select Xperia Connectivity.
    3. Select Throw Settings.
    4. Uncheck Auto-select wireless option.


    • You may not be able to find Throw depending on the album of the Xperia version of the video application. In this case, select the Cast icon and select BRAVIA TV which you want to cast to.
    • Depending on your model of Xperia smartphone the steps above may vary slightly. If needed, refer to the manual of your smartphone for detailed information.
    • The video quality may be degraded due to environmental interference.