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Frequently asked question about the MP-CD1 projector


    What accessories are provided with the MP-CD1?

    Besides the projector, the MP-CD1 includes:

    • USB-C cable (1)
    • Micro USB to USB-C adaptor (1)
    • High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (1)
    • Carrying pouch (1)
    • Instruction Manual (1)

    What is keystone correction?

    The keystone effect is the apparent distortion of an image caused by projecting it onto an angled surface. The MP-CD1 considers this angle and automatically corrects it.
    Because of this correction, the aspect ratio might change slightly. Also, note that a picture thrown to the ceiling cannot be corrected.

    Screen & sound

    How do I change the sound mode & picture mode of the MP-CD1?

    • You can switch between mute and unmuted status
    • You can switch between standard picture & dynamic picture mode. Dynamic picture mode enhances the color brightness and saturation of your photos and videos.
    1. Press and quickly release the power button (within 1 second) when the power is on.
    2. Each time the power button is pressed (and quickly released within 1 second), you can change the mode as follows:
    • When content of the connected device is NOT projected / no device is connected to the HDMI/MHL IN jack:
    Standard picture ¦ mutedstandard picture - muted
    Standard picture ¦ unmutedStandard picture unmuted MP-CD1
    Dynamic picture ¦ mutedDynamic muted
    Dynamic picture ¦ unmutedDynamic picture unmuted MP -CD1
    • When content of a connected device is projected, you can only switch picture mode. Sound mode is not changed and no symbols will display on the screen.

    How do I adjust the volume of the MP-CD1?

    You can control the volume level via the device you've connected.
    If your device does not have a volume control function, the volume will be fixed.

    What is the maximum screen size that the MP-CD1 can project?

    Depending on the ambient lighting, you can display a screen up to 120 inches. As the brightness output of any projector is limited, you will not see the image if the ambient lighting in the room is too bright. Reducing the image size will, therefore, increase the brightness.

    Projecting distanceScreen size
    58 centimeter20 inch
    3.45m120 inch


    Power & Battery

    How do I check the battery status of the MP-CD1?

    • When the power is OFF:

    You can check the power by pressing and quickly releasing the power button (a short 1-second press) when the power is off.
    The charge LED will flash orange and show the remaining battery power:

    • When the power is ON:

    When the power is on, the charge symbol shows the remaining battery power when you change the sound/picture mode.
    You can also use the same quick-press check as described above.

    How long can I project with the MP-CD1?

    When there is no external power source connected, the projection time is approximately 2 hours.
    Note that the projection time may vary depending on the content: a general rule is that very light images will consume more battery power than darker images.

    You can increase the time while projecting, by connecting the MP-CD1 with an AC adaptor (3.0A is recommended in order to match power consumption).
    You will decrease usage time if you charge an external device via the USB-out port while projecting. (The MP-CD1 then acts as a Powerbank)

    Can I charge a device while projecting?

    Yes, the MP-CD1 can act as a Powerbank, even while projecting. It generates a 1.5A output current.

    How long does the battery take to fully charge?

    Regular charging:

    With a 3.0A AC Adaptor / Portable ChargerApprox. 2.5hrs
    With a 1.5A AC Adaptor / Portable ChargerApprox. 4hrs

    Charging while projecting:

    • The battery of the MP-CD1 can be charged during projection when it is connected to a 3.0A AC adaptor and if there is no power supply from the USB OUT jack to another device. Charging time may depend on the projected content.
    • When you use a 1.5A adaptor or an adaptor with USB Type-A connector for charging during projection, power usage will be higher than the power supply and the MP-CD1 may eventually shut down due to energy shortage.

    Connectivity options

    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

    The MP-CD1 does not have a built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connect function. If you connect a Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the Audio OUT jack, you will be able to use Bluetooth. It’s a great way to bring your Bluetooth speakers into the game!


    If your Android device supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), you’re good to go.
    If you’re unsure, you can verify here.


    You can connect the MP-CD1 with Apple devices via an Apple Digital AV adapter (separate purchase)


    The MP-CD1 supports HDMI (cable included). That means you can easily connect it to your laptop, PS3 or PS4, and more.
    If you have to connect a device via an HDMI converter, please check whether your device actually supports an HDMI signal.

    How to connect to a device that does not support HDMI/MHL?

    You may use wireless solutions such as a Chromecast or Miracast to play content via the MP-CD1.
    You can use an HDMI dongle and connect it to the MP-CD1 via the Micro USB to USB-C adaptor.


    Although the MP-CD1 does not have a Miracast function, a Miracast connection is possible by using a Miracast capable HDMI dongle separately to connect to the MP-CD1.