Easily adjustable tilt & swivel

Customisable viewing angle for every journey

The display joint allows you to manually tilt and swivel the display – both at ±15 degrees – to suit your personal preference. This range of movement allows you to not only alter the angle according to your preferred seating position, but also to avoid things like reflection of the direct sunlight, or to share the navigation screen with your passengers.

LEFT image: With no tilt and swivel function.

RIGHT image: With tilt and swivel function0.


Diagram displaying the multiple angles available to suit your preference
Two images of the XAV-AX8500, the left is positioned straight with sun glare and the right titled with no glare

How it works

The screw-less tilt and swivel mechanism is designed to be easily adjusted without tools yet remain static and stable even under harsh vehicle vibration.
Diagrammed image showing how the XAV-AX8500 can be adjusted to suit your needs


The sturdy display joint offers four-way installation adjustment, including sub-tilt for horizontal swivelling, making it easier to position the oversized display perfectly.
Diagrammed image showing the four-way installation adjustment of the XAV-AX8500