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What happens if the battery charge of one side of the headphones becomes empty when the other side still has a charge?

    The voice guidance alert "Low battery, please recharge headset" will be heard from the side of the headphones that is running low on battery charge, which will then turn off automatically. When this happens, place the effected unit of the headset into the charging case. The other unit of the headset with battery charge remaining can still be used.


    • When you listen with only one side of the headphones, the left and right stereo channels are not combined, so you will only hear the sound associated with the active side.
    • When setting up the Google Assistant feature, you can set the touch sensor on either the left or right side of the headphones to activate the Google Assistant feature. If the touch sensor assigned is the same side that is low on battery charge and in need of recharging, you will be unable to use the Google Assistant feature when using just the unassigned side of the headphones.