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The Walkman player becomes hot.

    The Walkman uses parts that consume a lot of power to play with high sound quality, and heat will be generated during use. Additionally, keeping the screen on for a long time, high-resolution sound playback, DSEE HX operation, and high-volume playback can all cause an increase in heat.

    Follow these steps when the player becomes hot:

    • Turn off the player when not in use.
    • Lower the volume.
    • Set the Sleep setting to within one minute.
      Select  SettingsDisplaySleep, then set the time.
    • Lower the display brightness.
      Select  SettingsDisplayBrightness, then lower the brightness.
    • Turn off some or all of the sound quality settings.
      1. Select  Sound adjustment.
      2. Turn off all sound quality settings such as Equalizer, DSEE HX, and DC Phase Linearizer.
    • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use.
      Select  SettingsNetwork & Internet Wi-Fi, then set it to OFF.
    • Close all unused apps.


    • Take care using the player if the screen lights have been on for a long time as the player may be hot
    • Do not place the player in an airtight bag or wrap it in cloth as either can cause the player to become hot