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How to export a movie to a DV device using MovieShaker Version 3.2?

    Exporting a movie to a DV device using MovieShaker Version 3.2.

    Please refer to the following steps to export a movie using MovieShaker Version 3.2:

    1. Start MovieShaker version 3.2.
    2. Select Device and click DV device.
    3. Click Export, select Export to external device and click Next.
    4. Click Yes when the confirmation dialog box appears.
    5. Specify the destination folder to save a temporary files and then click Next.
    6. Set the time for the blank-image frame to be inserted and then click Next.
    7. Insert the video tape into the DV device and stop playing it at the recording start point.
    8. Click Finished when a movie is ready to be exported.

    - In order to export a movie, the DV device must be connected to the VAIO computer and turned on before starting MovieShaker Version 3.2.
    - Frame duplication may occur if a heavy load is put on the Central Processing Unit or hard disk drive while exporting to DV device.
    - Depending on the device, the actual record time of the blank-image frame may not match the time that is set.

    When exporting, try to operate the VAIO computer as little as possible in order to reduce the load on the Central Processing Unit and hard disk drive and prevent frame duplication.

    As saving a temporary file is time consuming to complete, use AC power when saving a temporary file. Otherwise the battery may run out before saving of the file is completed.