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How to create a shaker scene when using MovieShaker Version 3.2?

    Using MovieShaker Version 3.2 to create a shaker scene.

    Please refer to the following steps to create a shaker scene:

    1. Start MovieShaker.
    2. Click Shaker and click the Shake pattern.
    3. To add text, click Input, enter the text and click OK.
    4. Select Text, select Use BGM and select Use audio track.
    5. Click Shake! and click Play.
    6. Click Export to export the created scene to a file.

    - Do not change any screen setting in the Windows Display Properties while running MovieShaker.
    - Please use settings of 800 x 600 pixels or 1024 x 480 pixels or more with minimum High Color (16 bits) or above.

    - Preinstalled MovieShaker cannot used with a MICROMV device. To use MovieShaker with a MICROMV device, MovieShaker supplied with the MICROMV device must be installed.
    - Do not uninstall MovieShaker which is preinstalled on the computer when installing MovieShaker supplied with the MICROMV device.