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Window 95 produce a blue error screen

    Why does Windows 95 produce a blue error screen upon boot up?

    Microsoft Windows 95 may produce a blue error screen upon boot up which reads, "WINDOWS This program has caused a Fatal Exception 0D at 00457:000040B1 and will be terminated." This can occur if Adobe Type Manager is installed and the Hardware Acceleration is not set to full. A solution is to set the Hardware Acceleration to full. To set Hardware Acceleration to Full:
    1) Restart the computer in Safe Mode by hitting the F8 key when you see the Sony logo.
    2) Select Safe Mode.
    3) After entering Safe Mode and accepting the warning messages "Start|Settings|Control Panel|System".
    4) Choose the Performance tab.
    5) Choose the Graphics button and adjust the Hardware Acceleration gauge to full (all the way to the right).
    6) Accept changes and restart the machine.