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I'm having problems in enabling the infrared communication with the infrared icon on the taskbar.

    There is an Infrared icon on the Windows 98 taskbar. When you right-click the icon to open up a menu and select the [Enable infrared communication] check box, the following message "Error 45: Your infrared software has encountered an internal error. Check the infrared device's software configuration under Network Properties. If it is an external or installable device, check the connection. Then restart Windows." appears on Infrared Monitor and the infrared communication cannot be performed. This message does not appear if you select [Enable infrared communication] on Infrared Monitor.

    [Reproduction Procedure]
    1) Start Windows 98.
    2) Disable the infrared communication (The default setting for Windows 98 is "Disable").
    3) Right-click the Infrared icon on the taskbar to open up a menu. Select the [Enable infrared communication] check box.
    4) When [Infrared Monitor] in [Control Panel] is selected, the Error 45 message appears.

    To enable the infrared today, select [Infrared Monitor] in [Control Panel] or start the Infrared Monitor dialog by clicking [Open] on the right-click menu of the Infrared icon on the taskbar. Make sure the [Enable the infrared (E)] check box on the [Options] tab is selected. When the check box is selected, and the [Apply (A)] button is dimmed and cannot be selected, clear the check box with the [Restore Defaults value (D)] button and select it again. The [Apply (A)] button can be clicked now. Clicking the [Apply (A)] button enables the infrared.

    In Windows 98, the infrared is disabled as the factory default setting.