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What to do when Windows startup sound is interrupted in Windows Vista?

    Windows start-up sound is interrupted. Windows start-up sound is interrupted.
    This is caused by the load of the CPU and other factors when Windows starts up.

    Please try the operations below. If the computer is able to run properly, users can use the computer as it is.
    • Confirm whether software such as Windows Media Player can playback audio files properly.

    • Confirm whether the computer can playback sounds properly when enabling VAIO start-up animation.

      Note that the start-up animation cannot be set in some VAIO computer models.

    • Please try using VAIO Hardware Diagnostic Tools to perform simple diagnosis.

    Additional information
    Windows start-up sound can be closed with the steps below.
    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    2. Click Hardware and Sound.

    3. Click Change system sounds in Sound.

    4. When the Sound dialogue box appears, deselect Play Windows Startup sound in the Sounds tab, and then click OK.