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How to add a file to Clip List or edit a clip using DVgate Plus?

    To add a file to Clip List or edit a clip using DVgate Plus

    Clip List is used for simple editing and output of clips in DVgate Plus.
    Video is output in the order the clips appear in the Clip List. However, the order of the clips can be changed. Selected scenes can also be output from the Clip List.
    A Clip List can contain a maximum of 999 clips, or duration of 23 hours, 59 minutes, 24 frames in PAL mode.

    The NTSC video standard has two different time count methods, the Drop Frame method (29.97 frames/sec.) and the Non-drop Frame method (30 frames/sec.). Because DVgate Plus uses the Non-drop Frame method, during output to an external device or file that uses the Drop Frame method, errors may occur in clip lists displays, or in displays during output devices and files. Note that DV devices, MICROMV devices, Click to DVD project files uses the Drop Frame method.

    There are 2 ways to add a file to Clip List:
    A. Drag and Drop
    Drag and drop a file onto Clip List from Explorer of Windows.
    Note: Multiple files can be dragged altogether. However, the file order may change in the list of the file.

    B. Add files function
    Click Add files, select a file to be added and click Open.