Article ID : S500018940 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Why can't OpenMG Jukebox be uninstalled?

    When I try to uninstall OpenMG Jukebox, the error message [OpenMG Jukebox is running in the system tray. Please exit OpenMG Jukebox and start setup again.] appears and the program cannot be uninstalled. Why is that so?

    The uninstaller of OpenMG Jukebox cannot carry out the uninstallation when the stay-resident program of OpenMG Jukebox is running. To uninstall [OpenMG Jukebox], first you have to release the stay-resident program of OpenMG Jukebox using the procedure below:

    1) Click [Start] -> [Programs] -> [OpenMG Jukebox] -> [OpenMG Jukebox].

    2) Click [Settings] from the [Tools] menu and the [Settings] window appears.

    3) Uncheck the [Add Jukebox Startup to System Tray] box in [Startup Settings] of the [General] tab and click [OK].

    4) Close the [OpenMG Jukebox] application.

    You can end the program by right-clicking on the [OpenMG Jukebox] icon in the task tray and select [Remove from Task Tray] from the menu.